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Birth Certificate and other con stuff.

For some reason, the scifi channel didn't come in tonight. I so rarely watch tv, that maybe it hasn't worked in a long time. The only channel I've been watching is whatever channel Heroes has been on. So, no Dresden Files for me. Maybe Foxy tivo'd it.

I've looked high and low, and have not found the box with my "important papers", so I'm off to the San Francisco Dept of Public Health first thing tomorrow morning. Joy. The only other place I can think that it might be is in one of the storage units - but I thought I had labeled the box "APT - important papers" or something like that. *sigh* I did find my tax returns. It's probably in the box which has my blank cd's and my knick knack cabinet (stamps, screws, paper clips, misc desk stuff).

Technically, I don't need my passport for travel to/from Canada as I'm driving with greenmtnboy18 from his place. If I flew in, I'd have to have it. I could still go ahead and file the passport forms, but I wouldn't freak if it didn't arrive here before FKO. To expedite or not to expedite, that is the question.

The last time I went to Canada, I don't think I had to show anything - but that was just a quick trip to Niagra Falls and it was pre 9/11.

Thanks to pezazul, we've got room reservations for NASFIC.
I made room reservations for me and herefox for Consonance.
greenmtnboy18 had made our room reservations for FKO.

Guess it would be a good thing to register for all three cons??? *g*

Talked to apt manager. I automatically go on a month to month lease once the initial lease is up (Feb. 1st) Rent will not go up because I'm paying market value. The only reason I remembered to check is that the couple who moved in the same weekend I did, moved out this past weekend.


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Jan. 22nd, 2007 10:08 pm (UTC)
Sci-fi is re-airing Dresden many times this week, so if you can get Sci-fi back, you should be able to catch it again before Sunday. Looks like it will be on Tuesday night, Thursday afternoon/evening, Friday night, and Saturday morning. Check your local listings :) Actually, just noticed it will even be on right before the new episode on Sunday, so maybe you can just catch it then.
Jan. 23rd, 2007 06:16 am (UTC)
The problem is that scifi channel is just not coming in at all =(
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