Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The morning after

Party girl woke up a little past 7:30AM. She looked at me and said "I think I want to sleep a little longer." Yeeeha!!!!

Got another hour of dozing in. She's watching Bambi and munching on rice chex (out of the honey nut chex mix). I got my hot shower - which I desperately needed due to the state of my back. "Your back?" you may ask - My back feels like a pretzel and is messed up because Alani is a bed hog and keeps rolling over and pushing one further and further to one side of the bed until one is barely "on" the bed. She also likes to snuggle which means one also can't move for fear of 1)waking up kid and 2)waking up kid and 3)falling off the bed.

Breakfast in a bit. Not sure whether we are going to old macdonald's again or if mommy is fixing brunch.
Tags: family, kids

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