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Party Girl

So the wee party girl was looking for another party tonight. Miss Alani and her brother were supposed to be having a sleepover at Grandpa's this weekend, but something came up and it's not happening.

One very sad party girl. Mommy has bright idea that maybe party girl could have a sleepover at Auntie Debbie's. I said yes. I now have party girl. Kyle chose to stay at home and be with mommy.

We went to "old macdonald's" for dinner as usual. Met up with Kyle & G - we both suspected that we'd end up there - figured that the kids would want their happy meals. Then we headed to Loard's for ice cream. Alani kept pointing to pictures of the ice cream she wanted - I got her several tastes and she disliked them all. She finally ended up with vanilla. Kyle decided to be brave and after tasting the lime sherbet, got a bowl of that. G got chocolate mint and I got one of my favorites - cherry vanilla.

Alani & I ended up watching Iron Giant. I am not sure that I had ever seen the first part all the way through. After the movie, I tossed her into my bed and we put on Ed Stauff's Champlain Summer album via the Snoopy speakers. After 10 minutes, she decided she'd rather have a story, so I put on The Book of Three. She didn't make it past the first chapter.

She was really tired - the shadows under her eyes are always a big "warning". Saturday nights are always unpredictable because of the parental switch over. She did well - especially with dealing in the disappointment of no sleepover at Grandpa's.

I'm sure I'll be woken up early - with a cheerful smile and much perkiness. Recharged batteries and all. Oy. Kyle takes after me - he's oh so not a morning person.
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