Debbie (debmats) wrote,

I knew exactly where my birth certificate was in the old place. It was in the blue folder, filed along with all my tax returns in the hanging folders attached to the loft bed. I packed them in a box which I labeled "important papers", but I have yet to find that box. It's very frustrating. I'm debating on whether to just drive into SF on Thursday and get a new copy. I could plan on getting to that office when it opens at 8am and then I could still make it to work by 9:30. I've got one more place to check *sigh*

Thanks goodness for Tivo's fast forward feature. First night of auditions for American Idol Season Six. Oy.

I played the new KR: American Idol - in audition mode. Where's my shot gun? Foxy makes me play on expert and I should at least get to try a few of the songs before I got tossed to the lions.
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