Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Fairy's Fabulous Fiftieth Fiesta - Part IV

Monday morning started with a bang! Kev was in the shower when I got a call from G. "Where are you? Did you forget?". Oh damn. I did. Then I argued with her about it. Then K came on the phone. "You did say you would." Oops. I then threw on some clothes, left Kev a quick note that I'd be back by 8:15ish and took the kids to school.

Of course, it would be the day when the parent whose turn it was to watch the kids was late. This other mom and I looked at each other and asked "are you on duty today?". OOps. It's an informal cooperative between parents who have both kids in kindergarten (start time is 8am) and kids in 1st-5th(start time is 8:30). Each has a day when they watch over the 1st-5th graders until school starts. Parent "in charge" showed up and off the rest of us went.

Got back around 8:30. Kev & I then went to breakfast at Ole's (bacon!), then I dropped him off at SFO. Waaahhh!

Drove to Marriott Courtyard hotel to meet up with Tammy, Alex & Reesa. Tammy had taken Mat to the airport. Alex had taken his Deb. Packed up the cars and then went to my place to drop everything off. Picked up Lee on the way home.

Tammy went off to visit her friend Teeghan (sp?). Alex, Reesa, Lee & I went to Southland as Reesa had killed her suitcase. Reesa was successful in her suitcase hunt. I lucked out and got a Snoopy pillow which doubles as ipod speakers. I love it! It's so cute =) Now I can listen to my audiobooks without having to wear the stupid earphones which end up hurting my ears!

Lee had an early dinner at Tomatina's, while the rest of us had a snack. We had tried to get some ice cream at Tucker's, but they were closed! How dare they? Then Lee went off to work and the rest of us spent the afternoon yakking at my place.

We hooked up with Joey and went to Le Cheval (Vietnamese) for dinner. Yum. Crabs! Noodle salads! Then we went to Peets for coffee(closed - waah!) and then to Fenton's for ice cream! We were all of joy to see our ice cream sundaes (well, I had a dish of rocky road ice cream - this flavor was actually created at this ice creamery!)

ETA: Tucker's is closed Monday & Tuesday the first two weeks in January!!!!
Tags: birthday, bower, friends, lee

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