Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Fairy's Fabulous Fiftieth Fiesta - Part III

Sunday, we crawled out of bed and met at the Buttercup Kitchen at Jack London Square. I've been going to this particular location since I was a little kid - back when it was Sambo's. (then Friendly's after Sambo's was no longer p.c.) Dad's work had been two blocks down and we usually ended up there on the Saturdays when Dad took us to work so Mom could sleep.

They gave us the banquet room - it was great! Food & service were good. Company was excellent. =)

Roll call: Lee, Alex, Deb, Tammy, Mat, Siller, Reesa, Joey, Kev, Sean & moi.

Lee, Alex, Deb & Joey headed off to the City for Borderlands, TiCouz and the Pirate store.

The rest of us went to the Farmers' Market and then saw Siller off on the afternoon train to Davis. Kettlecorn!

Next up - Rosenblum's where Kev, Tammy & Reesa bought wine - Kev bought almost a case. I got two bottles of their new chocolate port - Desiree. Then onto St. George's for vodka, liqueur and whiskey. Evil laughter was heard as Reesa bought multiple bottles of vodka...

We moved onto the new Lush at Valley Fair. We were all bad there I think (maybe Mat managed to evade the siren call). Then we had dinner at Kapp's in Mountain View. Punted Foxy.

Lastly, we stopped by Lee's so that Mat & Kev could say their goodbyes.
Tags: birthday, bower, friends, lee

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