Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Fairy's Fabulous Fiftieth Fiesta - Part II

Party time!

The plan was to meet at Jim's Coffee Shop on Lincoln at 8:30am. We usually eat at Ole's, but there's no way that we could get a table for more than 6-8 people there. Neither restaurants take reservations, so it was a "get there early and pray for the best".

Joey had gotten there first and had talked to the manager and had gotten everything set up. Kev, Sean & I got there at exactly 8:30. Tammy and company had made a slight detour due to the fact that it doesn't say "Park Street" as you're coming south bound. It's 23rd. Oops. My bad. They had gotten as far as San Leandro (Marina Blvd) and had to turn around. They got there only 15 minutes late. By that time, we had actually been seated!

Next, I went to pick up the birthday girl. I was to call Foxy when I was close, let it ring twice and come in through the back door. While I was exiting the parking lot, I noticed that there were very few spaces left in the back and I called Foxy to tell him that I'd maybe coming through the front door instead, but of course he just figured it was the "we're coming phone message" and ignored me. Oh well. They just ended up saying "surprise!" to everybody who came through the door...

As far as Lee knew, we were going to breakfast and then go some place else. She had asked whether she should have an overnight bag packed. I told her to have one just in case and we'd decide on where we were going at breakfast. I'm surprised that my nose hadn't grown a foot while we were driving back to Jim's. "We could either go up to Mendocino and stay at bed and breakfast for the weekend, watch the whales, freeze at the beach and do some shopping or we could do a day trip to Napa or Carmel or ..."

Told Lee that I had to call Gayle real quick (I called Foxy instead again) and as I got no answer, for her to remind me to try again later. We got to the restaurant and I did find a parking space in the back and we walked to the back door of Jim's. I mentioned that there was a line and Lee just walked in and got in line. She didn't even look around. I turned her a quarter turn and everybody at the table right there yelled "Surprise!!!"

Surprise Yeehaa!!! We did surprise her!
Photo courtesy of Joey

Much hugs and squishes!!! About 9:45, sillermoon arrived. Yay!!! (her train didn't get in until 9:30). Breakfast roll call: Lee, Sean, Kev, Alex, Deb, Mat, Tammy, Reesa, Joey, Siller and moi.

After breakfast, we invaded Lee's store. Don't know if we scared her coworkers or not. *weg* As we had finally found out that her favorite cake of the day was carrot cake, Joey went in search of cake and I went to pick up some bits at the party store.

Next stop, Dark Carnival. Reesa was very much looking forward to this store as she had only read about it in our journals... An hour or so later - who was last out - Mat or Reesa??? We had lots of fun in there.

Back to my place. Made Lee make another decision - what kind of food did she want for dinner. It took her a while, but she finally decided on mexican food at Acapulco - another favorite hang out. Spent the afternoon chatting and being silly. Don't ask about the lava soap, the asscones <3 or the ficus. Just don't.

Lee reminded me to call Gayle. I had to own up that I hadn't needed to call Gayle at all.

andreal and tealfox made it up to Alameda around 6pm. Nobody was quite hungry for dinner yet, so we spent the next hour watching Lee open up her prezzies. She was very cute. She kept stroking her Calvin and Hobbes (box set/hardcover) and her ipod. Foxy managed to be spot on - he matched the scarf he knitted to her favorite jacket. Lots of cool stuff. She was one happy fairy!

Dinner at Acapulco. Acapulco does not do reservations - it's a first come, first served kind of place. They have several big tables in the back for groups. It was just our luck that the people ahead of us turned out to be a group of 14 - and they got the last big table. We had to wait almost an hour *sigh*. Oh well. The food was good, lots of chatting and fighting over the guacamole & bean dips.

Back to my place for cake. Joey had picked up a carrot cake and a dream cake. Thanks Joey!!! We did not put 50 candles on the cakes. (well, it might have curdled the whipped cream on the dream cake and also might have set off the smoke alarms *g*). We put 6 candles - 2 stars on each cake plus a 5 on one and 0 on the other.

More munchies, wine, port, toasts and laughter. T'was a good time for all. Hey! and thanks to Joey, we actually had an ear pleasing version of "Happy Birthday"

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