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Hey, it's good to be back home again...

Home after a lovely week spent in New Mexico with Fwishy *g*
I will definitely have to go back again.

Yes, I had a great time, but it sure was nice to walk through my apt. door and not have to deal with crowds and to know I could sleep on my on bed with my comfy pillows. Diet pepsi in the fridge. Home *g*

Easter Sunday: Gave Mat his easter baggie (didn't have time to make a basket this year - only the kiddies got baskets). Stopped by Lee's and dropped off her baggie. Well, I put her baggies in front of her door, knocked and ran like hell down the stairs as she must have been very near her door at the time. Got a phone call from her on the cell phone a bit later about how the easter bunny likes to shop at Costco. I think it was the 5 pounds of pistachio nuts that gave the secret away... (plus I'm the only person with the keys to the front door) *g*

Dropped Mat off at SFO and then headed out to Gayle's for easter brunch. Gayle made eggs benedict with cottage potatoes, fruits and scalloped potatoes (I begged *g*). YUM. Instead of doing the egg hunt, the kids wanted to play with chalk. Alani had more chalk on her than on the chalkboard. Kyle was dropping chalk from the umbrella hole on the patio table to the ground. Kids gave aunties much hugs, so Karen & I were also covered in chalk dust. Oy. Gave the kids their easter baskets: cute bunnies with lots of candy. They loved their lollipop which came in a chapstick shaped tube. Gayle liked it too as the candy could be easily saved. Personally, I think they tasted awful, but the kids loved it. All that sugar, and I left Gayle & Steve to deal with the results *weg*

Back home around 1pm. Finally packed for trip. Worked until 3:50pm and then dragged suitcase down the stairs. Karen came promptly at 4pm. Wasn't sure how busy it would be at Oakland. Busy, it was not. That was the fastest that I have ever gotten through security since 9/11. Got dropped off at the curb, got my bags checked IMMEDIATELY by a skycap and then walked straight through security. Was all done by 4:30. Amazing. Had two hours to kill until my plane took off.

Uneventful trip to Albuquerque. Kev was waiting down at baggage claim. He'd gotten in 3 hours earlier. If we had planned it better, he would have made the hotel reservation and car rental. I had done both, so he was stuck at the airport. Got luggage. Got car (nissan ultima). Checked into hotel. Went to some waffle place (a chain?) and had dinner. They serve hash browns with all sort of fixings - mine had cheese, onions and ham, I think.

Back to hotel to figure out what we were going to do the next day and to check email and such on Kev's nifty new Dell Impresario laptop. Ended up sending all the work email that I hadn't gotten to that afternoon. Joy.

Monday: Decided that sleeping in was much more important that continental breakfast. Went down to Albuquerque's Old Town and spent most of the day sightseeing and shopping. Drove from there to Taos via Santa Fe. Bit of road construction slowed us down, so we missed the check in time by 15 minutes (3-6pm) at Adobe & Pines Inn We found a note and the key to our room thumbtacked to the office door. If you check out the website, look at Puerta Cobre - that's our room - it was lovely.*g* Loved the tub & fireplace combo.

Ended up going to Eske's Brew & Pub for dinner - we both had The Fatty - A whole wheat tortilla filled with beans, homemade mashed potatoes, onions, feta cheese and cheddar cheese all smothered in Wanda's Green Chile Turkey Stew. Oh boy, the stew was delicious! The salad had a lovely miso ginger dressing. yum...

Tuesday: Checked out the grounds a bit - no water in the stream bed. Trees all in bloom - very peaceful. Found the hammock and a basket swing hidden in the trees. Go Me!

We then headed out to town to do a bit of shopping and sightseeing. Went to the Millicent Rogers' Museum and walked across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It's a LONG way down *g* Pretty neat. I would have liked to come back and checked out the gorge at later time - the coloring/shadows are supposed to be fantastic as the day goes by.

Hey! We had the whole place to ourselves! No other guests.

Wednesday: Was chilly, but I put on my usual sweatshirt and shorts. Then I looked out the window. All this WHITE stuff in the trees, on the ground and falling from the sky! I quickly put on a pair of jeans. Went over to the sun room for breakfast - was interesting looking out onto the back patio with snow all over the place.

Decided to stay in. Did not want to go out into the white stuff. Day did warm up and white stuff melted away. Walked up a block to the San Francisco de Asis church. It looks like an adobe monolith from the back. They also have the "mysterious" picture of Jesus. The picture basically glows in the dark. In the dark, you can see a cross over Jesus' left shoulder and what looks like a boat in the lower left corner. When you walk from side to side, it looks like his eyes and feet are following you. Weird.

Decided to drive up to the Taos Pueblo and also go to Tiwa's kitchen for lunch. Wanted to try fry bread. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed. Had much better luck at the Pueblo. It was very windy and cold (I mean there had been snow that morning!) Did a walking tour of the pueblo - the shops were on the bottom floor of a building. Most of the shops had toasty fires going, so they were warm. Many did not have electricity, so it was a wee bit dark. Went into one shop and chatted with an older lady. Bought some delicious oven bread and fry bread which she had made and also a malachite and silver necklace that her son had made. Went into another shop as the sign outside said "5 WARM rooms of jewelry, clothing, pottery..." It was very bright (electricity) and warm. Bought a sweatshirt for me and t-shirts for Alani & Kyle. Kev & I both agreed that the guy working was veddy cute.

Ended up eating at the Island Coffees and Hawaiian Grill. Had miso soup and kalua pork & rice for dinner. Appetizers of egg rolls, coconut shrimp and crab cake were delicious. Also got to check email and such because it was an internet cafe. Not bad - 10 cents a minute.

Thursday: Drove down to Santa Fe for the day. Wanted to see the Georgia O'Keefe museum, but found out that it was closed until middle of May. Pooh. Did see a few O'Keefe's at the museum of fine arts down the street. Had a delicious lunch at an Italian place called Pranzo's. Felt a wee bit under-dressed, but hey, I was on vacation. I didn't care. Had a seafood spaghetini and Kev had this vegetarian combo that was really interesting. It was a layer of pesto mashed potatoes, a layer of pancetta, and bunch of other stuff.

After much walking and shopping, our final visit was to the Loretto Chapel. The spiral staircase to the choir loft is amazing. There is no center support - it just looks like it's floating in air. The staircase was built in answer to the nuns' prayers by a mysterious carpenter who disappeared without getting paid.

Bought a few necklaces from a very nice lady by the chapel. Hematite and silver with a multi stone heart. Coral, turquoise and silver with a bear fetish. Turquoise and silver with a multi stone turtle fetish. One each for Karen & Gayle and the last one for Joyce's birthday. Happy birthday Joycie!

Friday: Do nothing day. Spent almost the entire day, sitting in the basket swing and reading. Finished two books - S. D. Tower's The Assassins of Tamurin & a romance novel that I can't remember the title of. *g* Was soothed by the wind through the trees and the sound of the stream burbling by. (The stream had water running through it since late Wednesday - all that melting snow, I guess) Kev spent the day lying and reading in the hammock. It was just lovely. Ended up eating dinner at Wendy's - was originally going to eat at Arby's, but they were closed. (drive in was open, but there was no menu, so we bagged it)

We got the entire place to ourselves again!

Saturday: Got to take a quick look around the Puerta Rosa room (my first choice. Cobre's was Kev) Cobre is much airier and brighter than Rosa, but Rosa has a sunken tub and a cedar sauna... Next time *g*

Drove to Acoma - the Sky City. It's the oldest continuously inhabited city in the U.S. - it's been settled since 1150 A.D. The view is amazing from upon the mesa. It's beautiful in a stark way, very peaceful. Truthfully, I would not want to live up there during the summer - but the spring/fall time would be nice. Kev would even like winter, but I don't do snow and I don't do really cold either. Walking into the church, gave me an immediate sense of peace. Don't know why, it just did.

Hiked down the stone pathway back to the visitor's center. It was fun, very steep (ended up scooting on my butt part of the way) and beautiful.

Drove back to Albuquerque. Dropped off car. Flew home.

Yes, it's good to be home.

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