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There are days when certain parts of my body declare unilateral war on the rest. For whatever reason, my hips are achy, moon day bits are definitely not happy and my head is all clogged. Which is why I am still up at 1am. I have to be out of the house by 7:10 to take the kids to school. Sleep, damn it!

Did get to sleep in on Friday. Puttered around the house, did a bit of unpacking and some laundry. Met herefox at Lush in SF after he got off work. Back to Alameda for dinner at Acapulco and then some Xmas shopping at Mervyn's and Walden's.

Saturday, woke G up and dragged her to the cult gym. Then Foxy & I went to the Dickens' Christmas Faire. Tea was lovely. Salmon & cream cheese sandwiches are so easy to make - so why don't I make it more often? Did buy a wee teapot. Saw the evil glass pusher and had a quick chat - he wasn't pushing glass - just at the faire with friends. Hopefully he made it home before the storm. Had some hot roasted chestnuts - definitely hot! Trying to peel them without burning fingers was fun.

Afterwards, we did some more holiday shopping - Costco, Borders, and later I hit two different Toys R Us. Kyle wants some "stor wars planes" and Alani's getting Lincoln Logs. Alani's list is very short 1) Disneyland 2) Rose dress 3) boots 4)puppy She's getting the first three - sort of - what the heck does she mean by "rose dress"? Did pick up a "Russian princess" (as dubbed by Foxy)dress - Christmas plaid jacket with black fake fur on the collar with roses applique and a red/rose dress.

Sunday, K & I went to the Farmers' Market and Cost Plus. Then G & I took Alani, Kyle & Kyle's friend Noah to Lawrence Hall of Science's Grossology exhibit. Alani really didn't want to have anything to do with it, but the boys had a blast going into the nose, going through the digestive system and shooting dirt balls (plastic balls) into the nose until it sneezed them out at them. They liked making the man drink the soda and the loud burping. They weren't too crazy about identifying where certain smells came from and why.
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