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I am soooo tired

Had a lovely day today.

Woke up around 8. Foxy was already up. Mat was zonked and probably would have slept much much longer except I finally woke him up around 9. Coloring easter eggs is exhausting, I think. All that *oohfuncreateiveness* uses up lots of energy. We played ddr until a little after 10. Headed out to Carmel for day of wading. It turned out to be a glorious day for the beach. Okay, it wasn't that warm, but it sunny and not windy. No rain.

Wasn't able to park in my usual spot at the bottom of the hill - spring break I think - lots of people out. Did find a space around the corner, so it wasn't bad. Headed up the hill to do a bit of shopping. Had brunch at the Italian resturant on the corner (Perille's???) Egg scramble had spinach, mushrooms and salami. Yummm. Discovered that Coldwater Creek had a store there. OOOhh.. had fun. Foxy & Mat were being evil and scaring salesclerks. Color combinations and such. *weg* They were told that men's clothes were at the back of the store... I think more than once *g* Also discovered that Impulse Shoppe was gone (miniatures). Wahhhh!

Down to the water we went. Yay wading!!! Took a bit of time before body became thankfully numb - the water was just a wee bit icy. Dodged waves (not too well) and did just a bit of splashing each other. Watched guy change out of wet suit. Foxy was very disappointed that towel did not slip. Enjoyed just sitting and watching the waves crash against the sand. A comfy hour of zoning out. We are all a bit pink.

Drove back to Palo Alto for an evening at Watercourse Way. Introduced Mat to room 6 Dragonflies. Steam room, hot tub and cold plunge were relaxing as usual. Ended the evening with a lovely dinner at the almost empty (hey people Elbe's Restaurant and Bar on University has delicious food!!!)german restaurant. It's a shame that more people don't know about it. Enjoyed the accordian player again. Ended up trying to "name that tune" all the way through dinner. Weird thought - accordian player played "the chicken dance" and I realized that it's been 20 years since my first trip to Europe... Oy.

Had a hell of a time trying to stay awake on the drive home. Tummy full and feeling like a wet noodle after tubbing - the 40 minute drive home took forever. Mat was trying to keep me awake, but he kept nodding off. Tried to stay awake by singing and listening to Rent. Nope. Was very glad to arrive home safely. Still have to pack for Taos trip, finish up some stuff for work, and finish the easter baskets. I think I'm going to crash for a while first.



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Apr. 20th, 2003 05:01 am (UTC)
The chicken dance is the one that goes:
buck, buck, buck, bawck.

And such like.

And I doubt that helps you at all, but I think it'll be quite funny to those who do know the song already.

Actually, if you see a commercial that has a guy in a chicken costume dancing and flapping his chicken wings, they'll be playing it in the background. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Cadbury rabbit/chicken commercials use it, but can't remember offhand if any do.
Apr. 20th, 2003 02:36 pm (UTC)
I've only seen the accordian player there on Saturdays so far. Haven't gone there on Sunday, so I don't know.

Chicken dance is a lot of silly fun - especially after you've had a beer or two (learned this dance at a beer house in Munich - they served the beer in two liter glass boots)
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