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* start rant *
Do not go to Costco on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Not only is it crowded - and I hate crowds, but people are totally clueless. Blocking aisles by stopping to yak, or looking at something on the shelf, but not pulling to side but just stopping in the middle so nobody can get around them. If I had been able to attach a bulldozer blade to front of my cart, I would have been one happy camper.

Checking out - the guy in front does not move his cart, nor put the divider up. Clerk gets divider and doesn't slide it down to the end like most clerks do, so you have to walk around the checkstand to get it. Not once, but twice. Then guy in front is all done, has finished paying. Cash register cash out time. Okay, finally my turn. The guy's wife comes running up and he has them ring her up her stuff.

I get a hot dog. Sauerkraut is now dispensed in little cups that you have to ask the cashier for.

Karen just looks at me. She checks the time on her phone and freaks and says we gotta get out of there quick because we have to pick up Alani in 15 minutes.

So we get out of Costco, throw things in the car and then she looks at the time on the dashboard clock. "Is that the right time?" "Yes, it's just 7 minutes fast". I look - it says 12:45 which means it's actually 12:38. She then looks at her phone. Phone is one hour off. She never reset it for the time change. *sigh*

* end rant *
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