Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Blue fixes everything

Busy day today...

Technically I'm on vacation, but I've got some projects which need to be taken care of before I actually leave for Taos on Sunday. Took care of two problem calls before 9am. Go Me! Did 5 loads of laundry too. More Go Me! Ran errands, even picked up See's candy for easter baskets. Forgot tejava for foxy =( oops. Picked up Mat and Lee and we headed over to Ikea around 12:30. I wanted to pick up a new mattress for my futon frame. Tried out the two different types of mats - regular and super. Even made Mat try out the two as he would be sleeping on it tonight.

Mats were in the pick it up yourself bins. For a week day, Ikea was pretty crowded. Guess it was a combination spring break/Good Friday. Paid for mat. Wow... price was low. Price was low as it was the regular mat and not the super mat. Mat checked and found out that of the three piles of mats in the "super's bin", only one was super, the other two were overflow of the "regular". Dang. Had to return one and go get the super. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Went over to Dark Carnival. Jacqueline Carey will be signing books a week from Sunday, but I'm going to be busy. Rainy & Foxy wanted copies too, so I went ahead and bought them and left them to be signed. Bought a few this and that *g*

Zipped back to my place to drop off mat. Lead footed it down to Palo Alto to meet Foxy for dinner at Palo Alto Sol (mexican food). Sangria was good *g*. Drove over to Unitarian Church (and boy were we early) for the Heather Alexander concert. Had a good time - lots of energy. =) We even did a very loud version of Yo Ho! I've missed that - she hasn't done it recently, but says it will be on the Uffington Horse album.

Squashed everybody in the van; dropped off rikoshi and fopard. Dropped off lee. Foxy, Mat and I headed back to my place to color easter eggs. We discovered that blue fixes everything. Well, everything except for one of Mat's creations. Blue did not fix that one. Oops.. We made some *amazing* egg creations - and we weren't even drunk. Of couse, some people might say that they were *interesting*. What Kyle and Alani have to say maybe something like "auntie debbie and friends must be color blind". Lots of silliness - tried using sponges to make artsy fartsy eggs, but ended up using fingers instead. Amazing technicolor finger tips. Blue fixes everything. Dang, we were becoming an andrew lloyd webber musical. Bower style. Oy.
Tags: bower, family, friends, me

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