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In about 3 hours, Sony & Dave will be flying from San Francisco to Vietnam to pick up their new daughter Thi! She's about 2 1/2 now - techinically they have had custody for the past 9 months. All the papers and stuff have finally come through, so after 22 hour flight, they'll get to meet their new daughter (my new niece!!! yay!!!!)

Met Sony & Dave for dinner last night - they had driven down from Eureka and were staying at the Radisson hotel by the airport. We drove to South San Francisco and had pizza for dinner. Lots of catching up - I haven't seen them since the not wedding day in June - and then it was only very briefly. Paul & Valerie are back together. Tadesse is going through a growth spurt - 3 1/2 inches in the past year alone - he's almost as tall as Paul. The growth spurt unfortunately has curtailed his going back to the National Ballet school in Toronto. So he's dancing with a regional ballet company (nutcracker coming up!) and enjoying his first year of high school. It's been a year since Shawna left the family. They've heard that she and her boyfriend are planning to get married next year, but she's totally cut herself off from family and friends. Keeping the candle lit until she comes home.

Sony's been going to Curves since February!

Speaking of Curves, Liz & I went yesterday morning. Had lunch at Otaez then much shopping at Cost Plus (stocking stuffers) and Bev Mo.
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