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Bridge, Wharf and Garlic Rolls

Last Sunday, got to spend the day with ailenalc. He was out here working in Sunnyvale/San Jose for two weeks. I haven't seen him since 1999 when I had gone back east for my cousin Byron's wedding.

We went to the Marin headlands above the Golden Gate Bridge - it was my first time up here. See, if people don't visit, I don't go visit a lot of the local tourist places. (I have yet to go to Coit Tower even). It was a perfect fall day, fog was clearing - sunny !!! We took pictures and walked along the ruins of the fort.

Then we walked about half way across the Golden Gate Bridge, drove down Lombard Street and spent the next few hours wandering around the wharf. Had lunch at the Market at Pier 39. Got our free chocolate at Ghiradeli's (with thoughts of going back through again for more...) It was lovely to catch up on what he's been doing. =)

Back to Alameda, where we went and visited lilacfairy while she tried to work the last 30 minutes of her shift. *hee*. Yakked back at her house (yay! Rupert does not seem to set off my allergies as bad as Gemma did). Austin spent most of the time trying to get Rupert out from under the bed with the bug/moth toy - flitting it this way and that way. It was getting to the point where my eyes were following the toy too....

wintersweet and assaultdoor met us at Lee's, so off we went to Tomatina's for dinner. Original thought had been to go get some seafood, but Clary's allergic to seafood. Bad idea =) Garlic Rolls!!! Lots of Pasta and chatting! Finally found out that Clint's lj name is a character from a game. =)

Hopefully it will not be another 7 years before we see Austin again!


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