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Note to self: Do not take long, extra hot showers unless bathroom door is totally shut. Having the smoke alarm go off while still in shower is NOT a good thing - especially on a quiet Sunday morning.

I've had smoke detectors go off because of massive fog, but from a shower's steam? Oy.

Smoke detector's battery is current pulled out. Will give it half an hour and then will reinstall.

Cult gym yesterday morning followed by breakfast with Liz. Go Us! Exercise and then go have hash and eggs for breakfast...

Stopped by K & G's. G promptly borrowed my van to take signed Pixar posters from Cars & The Incredibles and some Finding Nemo stuff for the Joaquin Miller School fund raiser.

K & I then spent the entire day shopping - she needed to do some restocking of fridge - hers died a week ago Thursday - new one was delivered on Monday. We went to the hardware store, Farmers' Market, Costco, 4th Street, Vic's and Tokyo Fish Market. I hadn't been in TFM in a very long time - not since they added the store in back. I had a blast - my fridge had been missing some necessities since I moved. Miso, tsukemono, furikake, nori and some other goodies.

Got to spend a little bit with da kiddies - S dropped them off at 5pm and then we took them over to Grandpa's at 6pm for a movie night and sleep over. Kyle had a wee breakdown - he was tired, poor kid. Some snuggles and then he was off to play with his video game. Alani was sad because G had to go out, but more snuggles and the fact that they were going to Grandpa's made it better.

K & I had a lovely dinner of sashimi, rice, seaweed salad and tsukemono.

Today, I'm going to the wharf, ghiradelli square, and the Golden Gate Bridge with ailenalc followed by dinner with lilacfairy, wintersweet and assaultdoor.


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Nov. 5th, 2006 07:25 pm (UTC)
That used to happen to me all the time in my 1 bedroom (read tiny glorified studio) in Noe Valley. I swear I could nap, stir a pot on the stove and use the bathroom simultaneously; it was tiny. And the smoke alarm was right outside the bathroom so it went off almost daily, since given the chaos (laundry on the floor), closing the door in the morning wasn't an option. Grrr, I hated that smoke alarm with a vengeance, as did my neighbors I'm sure.
Nov. 6th, 2006 04:39 am (UTC)
Same thing would happen in my old apartment too. If it went off, I just fanned a towel at it and it would stop. Very annoying though.
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