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Sounds like somebody is doing some heavy duty building - the unique sound of lumber being dropped, buzz saw, and lots of hammering.

Today has been a very quiet "me" day. Doing a bit of reading, some napping (still trying to shake the on again, off again cold) and going through yet another box.

I need to go to the store because the diet pepsi cupboard is bare. I'm just feeling very, very lazy? Anti-social? Agoraphobic? Just don't feel like going out.

I am pretty sure that this apt is not a "me apt". There's nothing wrong with it, it's just not a "me thing". My subconscious (or as Foxy says - my entire conscious) is just not settling in. Bookshelves are still empty. There is nothing on the walls - pictures, artwork, doodads. No stained glass. My lease is up in February, so technically I could move. Just don't have the energy or the money to do the whole move thing this soon.

So, I need to settle in - at least for another year. How do I make my brain settle in?

Last night, Foxy, his friend Mat & I saw Altarena Playhouse's production of Merrily We Roll Along. It's an intimate theatre - in the round so there isn't a bad seat. We sat in the front row (had to be ware of collapsing pianos and kicked stools, and cast members). It was a very enjoyable musical - I had heard the soundtrack and hadn't been impressed. This production wowed me =)

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