Debbie (debmats) wrote,

I have no idea what key I just hit, but it destroyed my post. As in "woosh - disappeared into thin air". Grrrrrrrrrr...

Am currently waiting for herefox to finish reading the newest Melanie Rawn book. I've been good and have already gone to cult gym, showered and am on 2nd diet pepsi. Now I just want breakfast. *read faster Foxy!*

Earlier this week, for this month's colleague lunch, we went to the grand opening of Mandaloun in Redwood City. Food was lovely when we finally got it - big group plus opening day meant that things weren't quite organized yet.

I got the small plate combo - stuffed grape leaves, duck rillets with bruschetta, and salt cod & chips. Very tasty and artistically plated. =)

Last night, Foxy & I went to Mandaloun for dinner. Yum yum yum. The room looks like you're in an old stone castle - fire place on one end, fountain on the other. Open kitchen. Exposed beams and lots of iron work. There is also a patio, but I don't think it's ready yet. Considering the site used to be a western horse/tack store before, it's an amazing transformation.

We shared a set of 3 small plates - Morroccan Cigars - phyllo dough stuffed with chicken, saffron & herbs served with a tomato chutney, Grilled figs stuffed with feta cheese and wrapped with smokey bacon and the grilled veggies - wood & portobello mushrooms and red peppers. Foxy got a medium plate of foraged nettles tagliatelle, house cured guanciale chicory, pecorino cheese & ev oil. I got a medium plate of wood roasted shellfish, chorizo & rice, spicy saffron rouille & breadcrumbs served in a cast iron pot. It was all very tasty, though some of the greens in Foxy's pasta were very bitter.

Foxy got the lavendar scented creme brulee. I got the pear tart with vanilla gelato. trektone, I need to take you to this place!

Back to my place where Foxy patiently tuned my HARP. Yay! How long it will stay in tune, I don't know.

Yay! He's done reading. FOOD!!!
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