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Taxes filed... Go Me!

Ah yes, it's very early on tax day. Which is, I guess, better than it being very late on tax day and taxes not done. *g*

You would think that a person who is getting a REFUND would do her taxes as soon as she got her W2 and interest statements. All the stuff was ready to go - charitable and other deduction info were all filed in excel spreadsheets even. I've had turbo tax for weeks now. I actually withheld enough this year on state that all I had to pay is ONE DOLLAR. It didn't even take that long to do the data entry, checking and actual electronic filing - all of 40 minutes? Geez.

Nope. "Not I" said the little red hen. I tithed to Mat as usual. At least I didn't have to file for an extension. Dumb. "d-u-m" Well, I guess I can spend a bit on vacation next week =)

Spent evening at Foxy's. Had a nice bottle of chianti and delicious chili for dinner. He made me watch yet another cheesy movie "Trick". It was cute *g* with several cringe moments and I wanted to bap main character's best friend. Main character has veddy cute dimples and the scenery in the movie was *interesting* =) Followed the movie with 90 minutes of DDR. I am spoiled by my cushy ddr pad. Knees and ball of left foot are currently complaining. I have been told that I should bring my cushy mat with me next time we play. *g*
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