Debbie (debmats) wrote,

*sniff* My A's have been eliminated from post season contention. Waaaaaaahhh!

Go Cards!!!

Cult gym today. Found out that I won a $25 gift certificate for cult merchandise for participating in the summer challenge. Go Me! Liz & I had brunch at La Pinata. Admired lots of the classic cars on display as we walked down Park Street - annual auto show closes down the street for two days. Pretty mustangs and stingrays!

While we were eating, I glanced up to see a kid and older man leave the restaurant. My thoughts: "boy, the kid looks a lot like Alex, but he's too tall." Looked again. It was Alex. He's taller than his Dad now. It must have been the baseball cap pulled low over Michael's face and the abundance of greys in his mustache that made him look different. I did some quick arithmatic... yup. Alex will be 17 in December. oy!

Went over to K's for Alani's birthday dinner. She turned 5 on Wednesday. K, Kyle & I spent a good half an hour putting together her playmobil castle play set. So many dang pieces AND it comes apart fairly easily. I thought we had agreed not to get any more of these sets. We've spent much time on Kyle's siege castle with catapult and the pirate ship.
Tags: a's, family, friends

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