Debbie (debmats) wrote,

No more bubbles, seeping out the door
Make me happy, nice clean floor.
No more bubbles make me warm all over
No more dishsoap, no more ???

Anyway, dishwasher has finally stopped spitting out mounds of soap foam. Yay!

Cult gym to start the day.

Spent half the day with K & G - sisterly bonding and all - through retail therapy. Went to the Lakeshore Learning Store to pick up a few things for Alani's birthday. Then a quick trip to the Container Store where I picked up a wastebasket that would fit in the itty bitty space known as my bathroom and some drawer dividers for the cutlery drawer.

Dropped G off - hand off of kids at 5pm.

K & I spent the next few hours in Target - a few toys for Alani, a few books and the gizmo which allows you to play your walkman or ipod through the tape player in the car. I've got a wireless gizmo to do the same thing, but it's a royal pain to get tuned right.

Dinner at India Palace. Chicken biryani, lamb palak, and bhindi masala! Samosas and naan too.

Yay Mets! Yay Tigers! Go St. Louis!
Tags: apt, family

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