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Oct. 4th, 2006

So, I'm currently avidly watching two new tv series - Heroes and Veronica Mars. Veronica Mars you ask? The evil herefox has gotten me hooked on it. Have just started season two. I'm half way through season one.

Saw an interesting bumper sticker yesterday.
"An eye for an eye means that the whole world is blind."

Friday, Foxy & I went to see Heather Alexander at the Unitarian Church in Palo Alto. Good turn out. Met up with tealfox and rikoshi. She sang one of my favorites "The Garden Song". Yay! Yo Ho was fun =) Ended up at Denny's afterwards for a snack (well, dinner for Paulie & Rikoshi).

Saturday, did the gym thing. Went to see Sweet Charity starring Molly Ringwald at AMTSJ with misstsapinay and Wesley. We actually made it to a sit down restaurant before the show - Chili's. Usually we end up at fast food hamburger place. Show was fun =) I think I'm going to have watch the movie version with Shirley McLaine...

Sunday, K & I watched the kids. While G went to pick up Kyle from a sleep over camping birthday party, K, Alani & I went to the Farmers' Market. G dropped off Kyle and she went out to do errands. It looked like Kyle's camping trip including rolling around in the dirt. He had a great time!

Kyle & Alani started working on Kyle's "archeology project". He had received one of those clay bricks with a skeleton inside it for his birthday. You have to carefully remove the clay with a hammer and knife and clean the area with a paintbrush. Alani got the honor of using the paintbrush.

Red clay = very fine red dust = it goes everywhere. Started out in the kitchen with lots of newspapers all over the table, but ended up moving it outside. Kyle learned that you must figure out which way the wind is blowing before you try to blow the dust away. It took him a couple of tries before he figured out it would better to stand the other way. He scrubbed the dust from his face and he'd scratch his cheek or his forehead - while his hands were covered in the dust. I had to laugh - wish I had a camera - he had streaks of red clay all over his face.

He got a shower after that. Typical little kid. "I don't want a shower!!! Can't you just squirt me off with the hose?????" Reminded me of Emily and her screeches of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HELP ME! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" when ame_chan gave her a bath at lilacfairy's.

I ended up at Foxy's on both Monday & Tuesday evenings. Weekly Heroes fix and then Veronica Mars marathon. Watched 3 episodes each night. Poor Foxy was not a happy camper as he had had 2 wisdom teeth pulled.


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Oct. 4th, 2006 08:00 pm (UTC)
Er you've only seen half of season 1 of Veronica mars, not season II.
Oct. 5th, 2006 11:14 pm (UTC)
One of my friends in San Diego works on the set of Veronica Mars and said he could get me in as an extra if I went down there =) "Sweet Charity" was fun! Thanks for taking us. TTT was fun! (TTT = Torture Tabitha Time)
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