Debbie (debmats) wrote,

One of Those Days...

I get to my doctor's office and she's running way behind. Annual physical too.*sigh* Didn't use stirrups this time. Blood sugars were up for the last three months. Wonder why? *snort* Stress will do amazing things to your blood sugars. Right. Blood pressure, weight and cholesterol were down!

I check the laundry room, and none of the machines are in use, so I go ahead and put my laundry in. When it comes time to throw clothes in the dryer? They're both full. Clothes are cold. Wonder how long they've been there? I'll give the person another hour and then, I'm emptying out the dryers.

Production system is down. Has been for the last 4-5 hours. Just have to work on another project.

I thought about having dim sum for lunch, but because I had been delayed at the doctor's office, the restaurant was full. So decided on Taco Bell instead. Just like Velvet Grill, Taco Bell was no longer there. *sigh*

ETA 05:51pm - I have all these lovely veggies from the farmers' market that I want to grill. A little olive oil with garlic and other herbs. It would be lovely. Unfortunately, I have no idea where my George Foreman grill is. *sigh*
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