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Ten Minutes Ago...

Well, a little more than 10 minutes.

Last night, I watched my godson's high school production of Rogers & Hammerstein's Cinderella. Wesley played the king. My other friend's son played the chef. (chef? since when? & when did Shaun's voice change to a nice baritone?) The girl who played Cinderella was great too! This production was sooo much better than last year's Bye Bye Birdie(can you spell "CRINGE"? I don't think Foxy has forgiven me for taking him *g*) It was really cute to see the little kids sitting on the floor get all excited when the fairy godmother waved her "magic wand" and impossible things became possible. Had to be careful - caught myself almost singing along. Mouthing the words, singing under my breathe even. *g*

R&H's Cinderella has been a beloved favorite since I was 4? 5? or whenever I first saw it on tv. I am so impressed with how far Wesley has come musically - Go Wes!!! This is the quiet kid who never has lots to say unless it's a matter dear to his heart. (musicals, Disneyland and video games - the last long convo I had with him was over kingdom hearts) He has blossomed and it's wonderful to watch. He's always loved musicals - at 3, he'd sing and dance his way through the Sound of Music. Yodeling too *g*

And then there's Angel.

Watched the first two episodes of season one at Foxy's on Thursday. OOOh... watched two more episodes when I got home. Watched episodes 5-16 on Friday (day off? you know, the day I was supposed to get stuff done like ... TAXES?) Was unable to get past the opening scene of Cordy in a play, so I went to bed.

Was thinking about watching HP & the Chamber of Secrets, but have to go out and buy another one. Godson was pouting because he hadn't (or his mom or his other aunt) had time to go pick up the dvd. Too many things going on for the closing night of the play. So he got mine. I also may watch R&H's Cinderella.

Foxy? Lee? Rainy? Persephone? Anybody remember where the remote for the dvd player went? Can't find it and last time I remember seeing it was when we watched To Wong Foo.

Ooh, 'tis windy this morning. The wind chime is madly singing its song. I think it rained earlier and probably will rain more this afternoon. Good day for a snuggle in the blankets with a pile of books. Maybe I'll watch another episode or two of Angel...
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