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Unpacking and other stuff

Unpacking... slowly, but I am unpacking. Cleaning out the storage unit. Debating on whether to rent one 10x15 foot inside unit and combining everything.

I currently have 1 - 5x10 (inside), 1 - 5x5 (inside) and 1 - 10x18 (outside). The latter two were rented specifically for the move. I would need one bigger one because I still have furniture that I want to keep that won't fit in the new apt.

The 10x18 is convenient because it's basically an outside unit that you drive right up to and you don't need to bother with carts and elevators - the bad points are 1) bugs & other vermin can get access to it and 2) totally accessible by elements and 3)it's expensive. There's already a coating of dust on everything. This is not how I want to store my books. Just what am I going to do with all my books? *sigh*

More stuff for Goodwill...

Tomorrow morning may be *interesting* - I get to take the kids to school again. Last Monday was hell. Alani had her usual hooey and was wailing as we loaded her into her carseat. Kyle - he didn't want to go to school and he was wailing too. Oy! Kyle had been attacked by the mosquito monster while at Daddy's - he had 9 bites along the right side of his face down to his neck. Kyle had scratched them too, so they were big and red. He didn't want anybody to see him all blotchy and such. (just wait until he's a teenager!) Yes, it was a lovely drive to school. Half way, thankfully, Alani had calmned down enough to eat something - she hadn't eaten her cereal. Kyle pretended to sleep - his face covered by the sweatshirt's hood.

Got to school, and we played silly stuff on the playground until Alani's bell rang. Did get giggles out of both of them. She got in line and seemed fine - no crying. Kyle kept trying to cover his face, and his friends asked him about it and he made a big deal which made them more curious and... His friend Andrea went on about she had 23 bites once and they might have been spider bites and and and... Kyle was fine.

Last Sunday, Alani & I had an afternoon together. Started out with a swim in the pool (3rd time I've used it). Kyle had a play date with a friend, but when he found out Alani was going swimming at Auntie Debbie's, he wanted to come too. So he had time for a quick swim - he has no fear. He's swimming underwater and all! Alani is at the point where she'll put her face in. Yay!

We spent another half an hour in the pool after Kyle left. Then back upstairs for a change and a snack. She explored my apartment - finding the stuffed animals on the loft bed and making off with a beanie horse. Watched Bambi (I don't remember seeing it all the way through - video was still in wrapper). Walked over to "old macdonald's" for dinner. G forgot to leave the carseat, so we were carless. Alani decided that she wanted to go directly home from old macdonald's, so we walked the mile back to G's. I think Alani slept very well that night.

Tuesday, dinner with Foxy and more episodes of Charmed!

Wednesday - Employee Services Faire. T.K. from public works, Kevin - ex-hubby of a coworker and I did the BBQ. Well, the guys cooked. I did the usual answer questions, be tech on site and route people through the food line. 4 1/2 hours. Ugh.

Friday - Laure treated me to a 20 minute back and shoulder massage. Boy, am I tight. This massage therapist comes into work once a month. I think I'm going to schedule an appointment for next month - it's only $1.50 a minute.

Foxy & I ended up doing dinner at Vaso. We haven't been there in months. Had the usual seafood risotto and caesar salad.

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