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Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?

Also known as the week after WorldCon...

Be it known that I was already sleep deprived before I left for WorldCon. It only got worse during WorldCon and afterwards? Oy!

Tuesday, August 29th - went back to work. Ugh. I should have taken the day off. Actually I had planned on taking three weeks off, but it got nixed because Open Enrollment started September 1st. Some years, OE doesn't start until October *sigh*. So I had the week off for WorldCon, came back and worked 4 days and then had the next week off.

I knew I was tired. What was I thinking? I had made plans to go to see Pirates with Alex & Lee at the 10:30pm showing. I came this close to cancelling...

The curse of Debbie continues... this time Alex fell asleep during the movie. I did nudge him before the Norrington parts came up. (Joey had fallen asleep the week before WorldCon. Sean had fallen asleep during Pirates I).

Wednesday - I telecommuted all day and then Sean & I went to see the American Idols: Season 5 group in concert. Traffic was horrible - we made it there just in time. Had to get help from the usher - somebody was in our seats. Elliot!!!! Yay!. Enjoyed it very much. Foxy bought me an Elliot picture for my wall. *swoon* Had dinner at Denny's after the concert. Yet another very late night!

Thursday - I was dragging... Foxy & I went to see Theatreworks' M. Butterfly. I did enjoy it - probably would not have dozed if I weren't so sleep deprived. Francis Jue! =)

Friday - dinner with cousins plus houseguest... cousin from hell... See previous post about that.

Saturday was Auntie Mary's funeral. Her kids were surprised at the turnout - much larger than they had expected. SRO basically. Lots of hometown people (Alameda) came - family friends and such. People who knew Dad - "oh you're P-Wee's kids".

Turnout for the luncheon at Joy Luck Place was bigger too... I think they were expecting less than 60 people - I think it was closer to 100. Restaurant staff had to add 3-4 tables (10 people per table). Auntie Mary would have been very happy. She loved to feed people and loved to cook - and she was a fantastic cook! Wonder if anybody has her macaroni salad recipe?

Sunday - brunch at Ole's to start the day with Cousins Sy & Ann and K.

Then Sy, K and I drove out to Woodside to the King's Mountain Art Faire. Lucked out and got a parking space two spaces from the entrance! Woowee!!! Somebody was being nice to me - probably as a "be nice to debbie because it's her birthday and she hasn't killed her cousin from hell yet."

Had a nice chat with glass pusher - he had done well and had no reserve pieces left - everything was out. Nothing that I had to have =) He'll be at another faire in Pleasanton at the end of the month, so I'll probably see him again. The only thing I fancied was a cherry wood bread slicer. Thin slices bread, tomatoes, veggies... real cool!

Lunch at Heidi's Bakery in San Mateo. I know I've eaten there before, but it was with Uncle Teiken and he's been gone for 30 years now. It was his favorite pie place.

Dropped K & Sy over at K's. I was going home for a quick nap (and break!) before dinner.

Came home and found a note on my door - Tricia from downstairs said she had a package for me. Saw her as I was going to knock - she came out, singing Happy Birthday with a bouquet of yellow roses and a birthday balloon. T'was from Kev. Thanks Querido!!!!

Had an insane message from Joyce & family on the answering machine. Their coffee must have been very caffeinated or they were on something. It was a very cheery, perky, rendition of happy birthday plus lots of yells, comments and such in the background. =)

Back to K's. Kids gave me big huggles to wish me happy birthday. Gave K his birthday prezzie - he liked it lots. J-food for dinner.
Carrot cake for dessert =)


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Sep. 11th, 2006 04:47 am (UTC)
I'm glad they were able to find a neighbor to take the roses for you. I was worried that you'd be out and about and since you were so new to the complex, I didn't know if anyone would step up to take them if you weren't there. Glad someone did!
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