Debbie (debmats) wrote,

WorldCon - August 27 - Day Five


Breakfast at IHOP. Roll call: me, Rainy, Tammy, Kev, Sean, Mat & Alex.

Elaine, Thuy, Angie & Sarge were just finishing up their breakfast when we got there.

Was this the day that I got Ellen Kushner's newest book and her signature? Sean managed to crack her & Delia Sherman up with his Foom t-shirt. They both liked the "Pooh & Borg" buttons ("Oh Bother" said the Borg, "We've assimilated Pooh").

Did get my Serenity Christmas ornament. The tree will have a new ship for the bottom tier.

I missed both Naomi Novik's reading and signing - though Kev took my book to her signing. What was I doing?

I picked up my castle from the art show. Cool!

Kev poinged in the puzzle booth, so I picked up his birthday prezzie. Beautiful phoenix puzzle! What I was going to get him for his birthday will just have to wait until Christmas.

Did get my picture taken with the Enterprise crew! (well the wax version of them.) I wasn't going to do it by myself, so I made them all join me. Alex, Mat, Kev and Tammy had wanted to get me something, so this is what they got me. *weg* We're all laughing and smiling and the red alert klaxons are going off. We're insane!

Kevin H. got his picture taken after us. His first picture was very very serious. Well it was red alert and all. The photographer said "no, no, no" and made him take another picture, but smiling this time.

Played KR back in the room!

Then, Alex, Mat & I went back to Disneyland/CA Adventure.

Tower of Terror, California Screamin' and Soaring Over CA. Shopping! Dinner at the Trattoria again. Outside seats - perfect for watching the Main Street Electrical Parade!!! OOOH snails, turtles and sparkly lights!

Back to Disneyland! Space Mountain! Mat wanted to ride Space Tours - Alex & I gave it a miss because we both get car sick on it. So we split off - Mat to Space Tours, Alex & I to Pirates.

Alex & I were on one of the last boats for the night.

Did some shopping along Main Street. Picked up a t-shirt for Alani. Had picked up another Jack Skellington t-shirt for Kyle earlier. Picked up the micromini Pirates play set for Kyle's birthday prezzie.

Closed out the park... again.

I think we wondered around Downtown Disney for a bit?

Back to the room for more rounds of Apples to Apples.


Tags: friends, lacon iv, liaden, worldcon

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