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WorldCon - August 26 - Day Four

Kev's Birthday... *weg*

I think Kev, Sean & I went to breakfast in the hotel restaurnt. I think the guys had huevos rancheros. Don't remember what I had other than it probably was eggs and something. Tomato juice too.

Met up with ame_chan!!! Yay!!! We yakked for a bit in the lobby and then she went off with her friend Tina to get her con day pass. We agreed to meet at 3pm back in the lobby...

Alex and I had done the art exhibit - Thursday? Friday? I was only bidding on two wood puzzles. Did have to up my bid on the flying dragon one (eventually lost it anyway)

11am I did go the P.C. Hodgell signing. Wish I had brought my copy of the Red Magician for Lisa Goldstein to sign. Book is in storage. (one of the "back book shelves" boxes...)

Did see Adam - he was extremely spiffy looking - dressed up in uniform. I wanted pictures - so he said he'd show up dressed up at the Lounge that evening.

11:30: Jack The Ripper panel was packed, so didn't end up going in. Could have gone to the Filk Classics or Origami Workshop, but ended up going to neither.

I had gotten Elaine's shopping list (sodas) and I had my own list. I needed to go to Costco and pick up Kev's cake and I didn't want Kev to come along. I managed to ditch him once, but he found me again. Tammy helpfully dragged him off (THANKS TAMMY!!!) and Sean & I went to Costco.

Sean ran into Radio Shack so he could get the gizmo to hook up the playstation to the back of the hotel's tv, while I ordered the pizzas.

Picked up more munchies and carrot cake at Costco.
Stopped at Albertson's for sodas and ice.

Got back to the hotel and unloaded everything. Met up with Rainy in the hallway (oops it was after 3pm!!!!) and she helped with the unloading.

Hid cake under bed - just in case.

Spent next hour setting up for party. Sean & Rainy ended up blowing up all the tropical fwish... Fish cooler, blow up fishes, fish fans, fish straws, fish bowls. This is what happens when Oriental Trading has a sale in January on all their luau type stuff and it's 3am and I had insomnia. Rainy had her usual fun with pen. Some of the fish look awfully smug.

Birthday banners were left at home. Darn! (behind front door where I had hid them from Kev's view)

Pizza were delivered promptly at 5pm! Rainy suddenly had many fanboys surrounding her while she waited with the 7 pizzas while the delivery guy & I hunted up a pen.

Tammy kept him away until after 5:30. In the room awaiting him were: Mat, Joey, Sean, Rainy and I. Can't remember if Alex & Fe got there before he did or not or whether Elaine and Angie got there before either. Thuy was off doing the family thing. Adam did make it later. Brain dead.

Anyway, Tammy had been sending me super secret messages on my phone, only I had left my decoder at home. Didn't realize she had been secretly calling me to let me know that they were on their way... I kept trying to call her back. Duh!

Surprise! *poing*

He says we surprised him =)

Rainy was so cute when she finally figured out that Fe was the Fiona Patton. *weg*. She started babbling "But I love her books. Stone Prince! Painter Knight! and and I just had her take a picture with my knitting!!"

Sang happy birthday to da fwish - carrot cake with fwish candle. *g*

Moved all the leftover pizzas, munchies and cake (well Costco only sells them in half sheets!) to the Lounge. I think I sort of over estimated how much pizza we'd eat.

Friends of Liad party!!!

Room was pretty full of people - lounge lizards and more. Had some really great chats with people I only get to see once a year or only at WorldCon. Did have a few chats with people who wanted to know what this whole "Liad* thing was about.

One lady had come in and was ecstatic because she found people she could talk to about melant'i and balance and the whole bunch of characters that she loves. Her friends kept going off to do other things and came back to check on her. She stayed late if I remember right. =)

Got quiet around 2 I think. Lawrence Shoen & his wife stopped by. A couple of elderly gentlemen with interesting stories to tell too. Party closed around 3:30am? As I had no alarm clock and 3 other roommates, I told Elaine that probably would not make it down for breakfast...

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