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WorldCon - August 25 - Day Three

Friday... everything's a blur.

I did the cult gym - 3 times - done for the week!

I submitted the birthday wish for Saturday.

Got in line by 10am for Anne McCaffrey's 11am signing. We were in the second row - apparently everybody was waiting for the signing. The dealers' didn't open until 10. Next time we run =) Chatted with the people in line - the kid in front of us wanted to get his favorite book signed and also one for his girlfriend. Turned out that due to Anne's ill health, that only one book could be signed. He made the ultimate sacrifice and just had the one for his girl friend signed.

Meisha Merlin had been having a summer sale on their hardbacks, so I bought a couple by Lee Killough that I didn't have, one by Robin Wayne Bailey (which he was kind enough to sign!) and P.C. Hodgell's (which she also signed!)

Did go to Laura Anne Gilman signing at noon.

Lunch at IHOP - Tammy, Sean, Kev, Mat, Joey, me, Alex & Fe. Afterwards, the most of us went to Fe's reading. Unfortunately, our tummys were very full and the room was very warm. I was intrigued enough by her reading that I'm going to buy the book.

4pm - An Hour With Walter Koenig - I thoroughly enjoyed his talk. He covered both his Star Trek & Babylon 5 experience plus a lot of the stuff he's done over the years. He answered a lot of questions from the audience and previewed some of the stuff he's working on now.

Missed both the Cynthia McQuillan Memorial Circle and Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff's concert. Typical Con programming - there's times when you can't find anything to go to and times when you want to go to everything.

5:30, I wanted to go to When Things Go Wrong in Space, but I missed it for some reason.

Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe with Kev, Sean, Mat, and Tammy. Yay frequent feeder card *weg*. Still took forever. Was going to help out at the Lounge for the Meisha Merlin party, but got back too late. In the meantime, the rest of Team No Sleep had arrived! Yay swedishsis and unwritten_words!!!

Stopped by the Lounge and chatted with Angie who had door duty. Then Sean & I did the party circuit. Sort of. Basically went to the parties, got the stickers and/or goodies (lost my koala bear - rats!), looked around and on to the next party.

Back to our room where we played Apples to Apples for hours.

I did some plotting for Kev's party too...

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