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Belated bits and pieces

It was a bit of a surreal moment. Here I was, waiting for the A's game to start and a montage of players flashed on the scoreboard - accompanied by this familiar music. Weird - it was sandstorm from ddr - and the only reason why I recognized it, is that I could see the freeze arrows in my head *sigh*

Okay. What have I been up to?

A week ago Friday, had a fun time at a Heather Alexander concert held at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Palo Alto. It was an acoustical - probably that was the reason why it wasn't a huge turn out. I enjoyed it much better than the taped concert in November - it was the energy buzz I think. She also sang one of my favorites which doesn't get played often enough - The Garden =) Afterwards, Sean, Lee, Paulie, Noah, Rikoshi and I ended up at Denny's for a late dinner - no lost heather heathens trying to crash our group this time.

Dropped the Fopard + 1 off. Dropped off Lee. Foxy and I ended up talking late as he was over for the weekend cuz Rainy was stopping by.

Saturday, up and about late. Played ddr, walked down to Jack in the Box for a quick brunch. Ended up pulling out my flutes and tenor recorder. Gave foxy his first lesson. Gads, I sure can tell I haven't played any of instruments in eons. At least I was able to get some tones out of the wood flute - it needs lots of air and my fingers are just not long enough for it - but I will succeed one of these days. I guess it would help if I kept practicing.

Rainy and Persephone finished up their tattoo adventure early - wasn't expecting them until after 7pm Saturday, but they were on the way over at 5pm. We all oooh'd and aahh'd over the gorgeous artwork. (and ouched in sympathy) Picked up Lee, picked up sushi and other japanese food and munched our way through To Wong Foo. Yet another cheesy movie that Foxy's made me watch - that I've enjoyed. *g* Chatted until midnight, took Lee home and everybody crashed.

Sunday, we managed to be out the door before noon. Go Us! Picked up Lee and headed out to Berkeley - to Good Vibrations. Now, I've seen their webpage before, but I hadn't actually seen the majority of the stuff in the "flesh" so to speak. At least, I only blushed a little, (much to foxy's amusement) - was afraid I'd end up glowing fire engine red. T'was an *interesting* experience. Especially the wall of sex toys. Had the weird thought of "oh it's a dolphin, fwishy would like it" and then realized what it actually was and "what was I thinking???" *giggle*

We zipped over to Zachary's for brunch. Yummmm pizza. Had some of my favorite - The Mediterranean - green olives, artichoke hearts, feta cheese and red bell peppers. I think it was too much tomato goodness for Persephone though.

Finished up the day at Dark Carnival. Spent a goodly amount there - about a third on prezzies, so I wasn't too bad. Picked up Wen Spencer's Alien Taste (which I'm currently enjoying) and Beth Hilgartner's Cats in Cyberspace (it was cute)

Spent most of the evening killing my demonspawn pc. Had to reformat the drat thing 3 (THREE) times in order to get things clean. (spent the next two days getting the right drivers and finally buying a new modem for it)

Tuesday - Opening night for the A's! Karen and I froze our butts off. It was cold & windy and we stayed for the entire game. A's won!!!! Yay!!!

Gayle picked up demonspawn pc on Wednesday. YAY - it's out of my HOUSE!!! I now have a kitchen table back.

Thursday was splash splash night. It almost wasn't. Got wires crossed. It had been one of those days. Went to pick up Foxy at his house, but he was waiting on CA Ave in Palo Alto. We got to Water Course Way about 15 minutes late. Still, really enjoyed the time in Bats. Needed it. I definitely need to find a place with a hot tub, cold plunge and steam room.

Friday night was more baseball. A's won! (still froze)

Saturday, Steve dropped Alani & Kyle off at Karen's. I took Kyle to the game and we actually made it until the 6th inning, in our seats (very rare). Had the poor kid looking for the pizza guy and the cotton candy guy. Good distraction. Took him up to the Stomper fun zone (kids' play area) and tired him out. Got him to fall asleep after 10 minutes of driving (it usually only takes 5 minutes to get home from the coliseum, but I took the LONG way around) 2 hour nap. Go Me!

Karen & I were watching the kids until 3:30pm on Sunday - we're sweet older sisters (right. NOT). Had kids in bed without massive arguments after watching E.T. and reading two books. GO US! Listened to Alani cry for 2 minutes before she crashed. Oy. *sniff*

Alani slept until about 4:30am. Teething, ya know. Karen & I took turns giving her milk and holding her. She defintely made it known she wanted a WARM body or ELSE. Kyle woke up around 6:45am and crawled into my bed. He's a bed hog. After half an hour, he was sprawled in the middle of the mat and I was falling off the edge. Alani hand off around 7:30. Karen ended up with Kyle and I ended up in the back room with Alani. She finally crashed and slept until 9:30. She's such a happy baby. =)

Karen and I had thought about taking the kids to Hanamatsuri (church special service), but had forgotten about the spring forward with the clock bit. Ooops - too late for a 10am service. Ended up taking the kids to Oakland Zoo. All Kyle wanted to do was ride the train. Oy - one track mind that one.

Steve picked up the kids (YAY!) and Karen & I headed out the A's game. We lasted until the 4th inning. Missed most of the fun stuff, but we were both exhausted (can you spell KIDS) and frozen.

Work tomorrow =P

A's win!!! YAY!!!
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