Debbie (debmats) wrote,

WorldCon - August 24 - Day Two

Kev & I went to 10am Forensic Science Fiction panel with Sam Scheiner, John R. Douglas, James Hay, Keith R.A. DeCandido & Cordelia Willis (M).

I really enjoyed this panel - especially Cordelia Willis. She really knows her stuff (she works for LA County crime lab). Enjoyed how they talked about what was right with the forensic type TV programs and what was very wrong =).

Did not go to the Marina Sirtis: TNG and Beyond panel.

Got to meet Fiona Patton at her signing. Fe's cool!

Did we eat lunch in the hotel that day?

4pm - You Killed My Wash! Now prepare to die. I was planning on going to this panel - why didn't I? I know Sean, Kev & Tammy were going to the 4pm Garth Nix signing, but I didn't do that.

5:30 - peeked in at the Japanese Mystic Fantasy, but decided not to stay. Went to the Paranormal Romances panel - Nancy Holder, Paula, Gurani, Sharon Shinn, Darlene Marshall (M), and Barbara Hambly. I'm thinking that Barbara Hambly was not sure why she was on the panel. The rest of the panelists had lots of opinions and interesting points.

While we were in the lobby of the convention center, a lady came up to us and asked - "Liaden fans?". Turns out it was Emily from the Liad List. She was asking about the pajama party. I told her I'd call her if I heard anything.

Back to room - graykin stopped by to ask about the pajama party - but hadn't heard from ellayn. Told him I'd call him if I heard anything. I called Elaine on her cellphone and left message.


Friends of Liad Pajama Party. Elaine left a message with the room number on room phone as did Emily. I did call Adam and passed on the message.

Party! Sometimes you wonder... "what part of Private party do you not understand?" *weg*. Oh well.

Saw Sarge and met her daughter Val! Elaine! Got to meet Dustin and his brother Chris, Jan & Tim Burke. Kevin Hewitt, Adam and Emily. Lots of yakking until very late...

Tags: friends, lacon iv, liaden, worldcon

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