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WorldCon - August 23 - Day One

Sometime on Tuesday, we did a quick trip over to the Convention Center and picked up our registration packets. So, part of Tuesday night was spent figuring out what panels to go to on Wednesday.

So - Wednesday -

Went to cult gym - Go Me!

We packed up the van with all the suitcases and there was space for three people in van. Everybody else would have to walk over to the new hotel.

Breakfast/brunch at IHOP. We ate at IHOP a lot - both the one next door to the old hotel and the one two blocks away from the convention hotel.

Drove over to the Hilton and dropped off tammy_g & greenmtnboy18 with all the luggage so that could check in. Two baggage carts full! (This was my second trip over there as I picked up Tammy after she dropped of her rental car on Monday.) I then went and parked the car in the self parking ($11/day self parking vs $18/day for valet). Our room was ready, but Tammy's wasn't. By that time, herefox, pezazul and mat_t had completed their walk over.

Checked out the room - the floor was a maze. Didn't figure out how to navigate the floor until Saturday, I think. We had a room with a lanai - I was expecting more of a private balcony, than a common "patio". I don't think we ever used it. Oh well.

trektone came down to room and after a chat, took his luggage and his roomies - Tammy & Mat up to their room as it was finally ready.

Kev, Sean & I did a Costco trip. I ordered Kev's cake. Supposedly the Liaden Lounge was getting a cake...

Did not make it to Opening Ceremonies. I have never made it to Open Ceremonies =). Maybe 2008?

Did look around the Dealers' Room & Star Trek exhibit.

I did go to Todd McCaffrey's signing at 5pm.

I think we - Mat, Joey, Tammy, Sean, Kev & I went to dinner at the Tangerine Grill place. I think Alex had disappeared with Fe to Disneyland.

I did go to the 9pm Theme Circle: Songs of Julia Ecklar which was led by Joey. I think that's the only filk related item that I made. I didn't even make it down for late night filking at all this Con. I did get my one and only ribbon "I filk, therefore I R". I had thought about getting the one that said "I filk, therefore I R flat". I said I'd take either, and ended up with the first.

Back to room, worked on schedule for Thursday and crashed.

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