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Dinner at Michael Mina

Last night, trektone took me to Michael Mina's for my birthday dinner. Oy!!! This was yet another one of Joey's special surprises - I just picked him up at work and he directed me where to go. In this case, the Westin/St. Francis Hotel at Union Square.

Dining with Joey is always an experience =)

We were seated at large table against the window which faced into the dining room. I got the couch side - guess I could take a quick nap when my tummy got too full *weg* It was table which definitely could have easily seated 6, but there was a couch on one side and a single chair on the other.

Joey opted for the wine pairing, so I got to try all the different wines!

The meal started out with a glass of champagne and the complimentary first course was a very light sweet corn chowder with a crepe covered quail egg topped with a bit of caviar and sour cream.
Chowder was very tasty - sweet corn without being too sweet. Caviar was good too =)

Then came a cube of red watermelon topped with very fresh crab in a yellow watermelon consomme.
Would have never thought of pairing the two, but it was very good

Seasonal & Michael's Classics Tasting Menu

Tasting Menus Prepared for the Entire Table

Trio of Sashimi
  • Japanese Fluke, Hearts of Palm, Honey-Lime

  • Tasmanian Trout, Avocado, Green Apple Ponzu

  • King Amberjack, Scallion, Mushroom Yuzu

- Toni Jost 'Bacharacher Hahn' Riesling Kabinett, Mittelrhein 2004
I could have eaten an entire plate of just this! Off dry riesling was delicious. (Kev, you would really like it)

Spice Crusted Tai Snapper ~ Raviolinni
  • Star Anise, Beets, Sweet Shrimp

- Domane Wacha 'Achleiten' Riesling, Wachau, Austria 2001
Snapper was very tasty and so pretty with the different colored beets and fruit. Cream colored mini raviolis with pink shrimp filling. Basil oil. Some sort of yellow sauce that neither of us have figured out. It was a really great combo

Sonoma County Duck ~ Foie Gras
  • Saffron Couscous, Donut Peaches, Pistachios

  • Toasted Brioche, Italian Prune Plums, Peanuts

  • Quinoa, Bing Cherries, Almonds

- Anne Gros Bourgogne Rouge, Burgundy, France 2004
Yum Yum Yum. Pinot was great too

Roasted Loin of Lamb
  • Cranberry beans, Pearl Onion, Parsley

- Qupe Cuvee Michael Mina Syrah, Santa Barbara County 2004
More Yum

Braised Kobe-Style Beef Zabaton
  • Artichoke Roasted Garlic, Porcini, Mushroom Jus

  • Wasabi Garbanzo Bean, Radish, Teriyaki

  • Horseradish Fingerling, Pearl Onion, Worcestershire

- Sirita Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley 2003
Meat was so tender, but of all the food last night, this was the most boring. It was good, but just didn't compare to the flavor combinations of everything else

Dessert Sampler
  • Peach Ladyfinger Cake, Lemon Verbena Ice Cream

  • Strawberry Mascarpone Glacage, Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

  • Molten Chocolate Cake, Malted Milk Shake

- Kracher Cuvee Ba, Illmitz, Austria 2004
My favorite was the Strawberry dish - the ice cream was MALTED milk chocolate YUM! and was served with a strawberry sorbet. The chocolate cake was extremely rich and yummy, but a little went a long way. The wine, a late harvest riesling was very sweet and and very good, but didn't pair well all the sweetness of the desserts. When Joey commented to our waiter about that, the waiter brought over some tawny port. More Yum!
'Happy Birthday' had been written in chocolate on my dessert plate

Ice Cream Bonbons
  • milk chocolate with raspberry

  • dark chocolate with cookies and cream

Oy... It sounds like a lot of food, but they were "tasting" portions, so we can out of there very full, but not overly full =)

Lots of different textures and tastes - yum!

Every course came with a new set of silverware. Glad I don't have to wash all those utensils. The food came out on plates specifically designed for "three" little tastings. Little shapes - tear drops, circles, squares of three. Very pleasing to the eyes.

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