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Pre-Con - Friday - Sunday - August 18-20

Let's see... WorldCon. What the heck did I do?


Friday, August 18th - usual last work day before vacation craziness. I needed to have the Open Enrollment system out for testing and tweaking. I managed that, but I ended up with several last minute accounting emergencies. Joy. Got out of the office after 7 and then met herefox for dinner. I can't remember whether we ate dinner at Tied House Brewery or at California Roadhouse?

Picked up pezazul at SFO at 10:30pm and then off to my place to crash.

Kev had issues with the ear plug that he was using for flying (to prevent depressurization ouchies?). He managed to get it jammed in his ear and couldn't get it out. He finally managed to get it out with a pair of tweezers while in flight, but his ear was bleeding. Ouch.

Everybody crashed fairly early - Foxy was awake, but Kev was still asleep when I left for cult gym in the morning. Car was feeling a bit "off", so I dropped it off at the dealership for a quick check. Walked back home with a quick stop at the party shop for Kev's birthday banner & other decorations.

Foxy & Kev had spent that time setting my wireless network up.

Kev was worried because his ear had bled during the night and was still seeping in the morning, so we went to ER. Alameda ER was pretty empty, so we were in and out in an hour or so. We had just beat "the morning rush". Thankfully, he had just scraped the inner ear canal and hadn't punctured the ear drum or something worse.

Tried to go to Velvet Grill for brunch, but between the first week of August and Saturday, it had closed! Go figure. We ended up at Applebee's I think. Memory fuzzy.

I did a couple loads of wash & started packing while they finished setting up my network. Wonder what the other people in the area think of a network called "HobbitHole"?

Picked up my car - Eeyore II was fine - he had got a full intermediate service, so he's good for a while. Major service for him when he gets to 120K.

Quick trip to Dark Carnival. Picked up Michelle Sagara's Cast in Courtlight, Laura Ann Gilman's newest Retrievers book and a new copy of Naomi Novik's latest book (original copy is packed and I wanted it signed at Worldcon).

Kev gave me a gorgeous print for my birthday. =)

Thai food for dinner with lilacfairy I think. Ack, brain dead! Ice cream at Tucker's afterwards. Picked up greenmtnboy18 at 11:30pm. Actually it was a bit later as his flight was delayed.

Brunch at Ole's around 9:30 - Lee had to be at work at 11 and I wanted to be on the road before noon. Bacon!

Everything packed, back row seats down due to all the luggage. I had two coolers, a case of wine and a couple boxes of party stuff along with a suitcase and duffle bag. Also had trektone's large suitcase and wine.

Dinner at the Iron Skillet right before the Grapevine. Leisurely drive - lots of breaks. We made it to Anaheim around 7:30? We got a suite at the Park Vue hotel for 6 people.

Had called tammy_g when we hit the Grapevine and again when we passed Magic Mountain, so she met us at the hotel soon after. Yay Tammy!!!! My, she had a lot of suitcases! It turns out she had a birthday cake in a tupperware cake carrier in one of them and baking pans and stuff in the other.

Quick walk up the block to MacDonald's for Tammy's dinner.

Alex, Kev & I had a quick dip in the pool - got to watch the fireworks from there =)

mat_t flew into Long Beach and met us at the hotel. Lots of hugs all around. Hadn't seen Mat deer since a very quick dinner last year?

Tammy surprised me & Kev with a lemon cake decorated with a fish candle and a Winnie the Pooh candle and everybody sang =). Was not expecting it at all.

One more trip to MacDonald's for Mat's dinner.

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