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Shelves are up. Now comes the unpacking of all those boxes (approximately 75% of 115 boxes - whatever that works out to).

I just found out that I have more cds than I have shelf. The cds had been accumulating all over the apt, so when they're all put in one place? More cds than shelf. Time to purge. Time to purge dvd/videos too.

Many dvds have never been taken out of their shrink wrap. *sigh*

Picked up the 4 garbage bags worth of laundry at the wash/dry/fold place - it was worth the price! Liz now thinks that she will avail herself of the service - everything's folded so neatly. Most of the stuff had been in closets and stuffed heither and yonder. Now it's time to sort through them.

My current mantra: "Donate/Keep/Toss"

Loft desk is totally assembled, though it took three of us to get the mattress up. Back room now has all the furniture arranged the way it's supposed to be - have to buy some more flat plug extension cords.

Have to buy a coaxial cable for the tv too. Have to also figure out where the heck I put the dvd, vcr and playstation. I *think* they're in the backroom closet underneath all the stuffed animals. Have to buy some more bins for stuffed animals.
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