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All's well that ends well...

Got a phone call from Joycie - misstsapinay had been in a car accident and was being taken away via ambulance. Would I please come over and take her (Joyce) to the hospital.

One problem - didn't know which hospital Wee Willie was being transported to. Spent the next 45 minutes trying to find out where she'd been taken. She wasn't suffering from major injuries thank goodness - bad enough that it was possible whiplash, concussion, bruises, etc. In other words, she'd gone on back board with the whole neck thing.

I thought Joyce held it together pretty well.

Phone calls to CHP (on hold forever), local police, various hospitals... Oy.

Finally, Kaiser in Hayward called Joyce. Then Laura called Joyce. Sped on down to Hayward (last time I had been there, Erica had been born, I think). Joycie spent the entire trip reassuring Laura that everything would be okay. Backboard and being strapped down was pure torture for claustrophobic.

Thankfully, everything worked out well. Laura was released this evening. She's going to be sore. Her little compact had been rear ended by an SUV - the driver was on a suspended license and had fallen asleep at the wheel (so NO BRAKES!). IDIOT!!!

Thanks to the Powers That Be.
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