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After 4 tries, K & I finally got the loftbed put together. Now I just need help in getting the desk hutch in.

There is one foot of clearence between the top rail and the ceiling. Sleepable so long as you're not too claustrophobic. I think I'm mainly going to use it for storage.

DSL woes continue - tech comes out on Friday. They think it's because I have one of the older modems which is hard wired for a specific pair to carry dsl and the phone jack is wired for the newer modems. Hopefully all will get resolved on Friday. 56K is a pain.

I did put up the plank/concrete block shelf underneath the living room window. There are actually books on it! Still have to figure out just how the bookshelves are going against the one wall and how to fit TV & stereo & cd shelf in there. Just can't seem to motivate myself.

Did get my security deposit back. I'm not even sure it transferred over when the Mendozas bought the place, but whatever... I'll take it. Half a month's rent - well rent back in 1987.

Realized that all my fans got stuck in storage. Ooops. Need to go rescue a few - it was 90 degrees today.

Blood sugar was 80 tonight, so I treated myself to a cherry vanilla ice cream cone. Yum!!! It is dairy after all =)
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