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Made it home yesterday with a minimum of fuss and angst. My sisters and I had a few days of sisterly bonding. Oy! My sister Karen is one of the few people that I can do the 24/7 thing and still stay sane. My other sister, and I love her dearly, is high maintenance. Add in two kids under the age of 3 and it made for an interesting time. I was definitely ready to crawl back into my hermit hole Sunday night!!!

Thursday was busy busy busy. Had a payroll users group meeting in SSF all morning. Didn't get home until almost 2pm - and then I went and got the oil in the car changed. I hadn't even packed yet. *sigh* Packed up the car, picked up Karen and headed over to Gayle's. Got to Gayle's and realized that I had forgotten my glasses and Karen had forgotten something too *Sigh* Back to Karen's. In the meantime, smoke started coming out of the engine. Checked it at Karen's looked like it was only spilt oil burning off. Traffic was really slow on the freeway and observed a lot more smoke coming out. Nope nope nope nope nope. We had gotten as far as the coliseum. Got off the freeway and took car back to Oil Changers. Pulled in, grabbed kids and got the manager to come look at my car. His words "you were just in here right?" Yup. Turned out that the coolant valve cover hadn't been put on tight enough, so the radiator wasn't pressurized and coolant was leaking all over the place. Guy filled up the coolant and we were finally on our way. It was now 5:30 -smack dab in the middle of rush hour. 580 was bumper to bumper from just before the top of the Dublin hill all the way to the windmills. *sigh* We didn't get to highway 5 until 7pm or so.

Quick stop at a MacDonalds for dinner. Had hoped that Kyle would fall asleep. Nope. He was wide awake almost the entire trip. *more sigh* Not a happy camper. If Kyle ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. We stopped at a rest area before the grapevine and let Kyle run around a bit. Poor kid, it's a long trip. He didn't want to get back in the car - all the big trucks to watch. Two minutes later and he was asleep. Yay!

Finally got to the hotel around 12:30am. We had gotten a suite with two queen beds and a sofa bed. (ah yes, a loft bedroom - no railings - had to keep any eye on the little man the entire time) Full kitchen too. Everybody zonked.

Had to be at church at 9am - funeral wasn't until 10, but they wanted the family there early. Lots of instructions - when we were supposed to sit, when we were supposed to stand etc. ie don't stand when the congregation was singing certain songs. Oy. Half the family is Buddhist, the rest, all kinds of Christian mix. Being from the B side, services on the C side are always a bit confusing. I snuggled with Alani during the majority of the service - it sure helped. She slept on my shoulder and thankfully, did her dump during the loud singing part *grin*

Spent the rest of the day at various relatives' houses. Lots of talking and hugging. Saturday was pretty much the same, only we spent the afternoon & evening with Aaron & Aly's (cousins) - they have an apt within walking distance of the ocean. Aaron, brave soul, played with Kyle - wading in the surf and building sandcastles. Poor guy - he ended up icing his back after we left. (well Kyle is almost 40 pounds and Aaron was picking him up and tossing him around and then bending over to dig the tunnel and moat)

Drove back to the bay area after scarfing down a delicious hawaiian very bad for you brunch. Kalua pork, rice, macaroni salad and spam musubi. yum. We ended up leaving Monterey Park at 11;45am and getting to Gayle's at 6pm (including a 30 minute stop for running about and getting Alani fed)
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