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So, this morning I went over to the storage unit and dumped off the last bunch of stuff from the apt. Then I took the kids to Camp Tzofin. Stopped by Mervyn's to pick up more underwear as my survival bag is now empty and I can't find the box/bag/whatever with the rest of underwear.

Went to the old apt for the last time. Did a final walk through - took some pictures of the empty rooms and then locked the door for the final time. Slipped the keys through the mail slot and drove off.

Made it to the freeway before I lost it and just cried most of the way to work. The night before I thought I had been dealing very well with the whole situation. Guess I was just in denial.

I finally found the mattress cover, so I could make the bed. First load of dishes is in the dish washer. I think I put enough soap in. Just how long does a wash cycle take?

K & G lined the shelves so now it's just figuring out where everything goes.

Gym tomorrow. Then K & I are going to assemble the loftbed.

Bed now. Sleep...
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