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Desperate Times...

I need to be out of the apartment by Friday. Wonder if there's a grace period?

I gave in and rented a humongous storage space. Should have done this in the beginning. It's all fine and dandy to sort through everything when you've got a lot of time; it's quite another to try and do it within a short period of time. Especially when there's almost 19 years of stuff to sort through. It's been very helpful to have my sisters help me - they just toss everything.

We're in the "throw everything into a box and be done with it" phase. Actually, we're past that - we're in the "drag it out the door - any way you can" phase.

It's realy weird to see the rooms with nothing in them. Closet from Hell is totally empty.

Moving my dollhouse to G's. Kids can't wait to play with it.

Bed is not made. Don't have the energy to make it. I do know where my sleeping bag is, thank goodness.

I think I'm past exhausted.

A shower sounds lovely right now - just have to find the energy to walk over there.

I knew where the bag which held the stuff in the top dresser drawer was on Sunday. Have no idea where it went to and it contains the all important clean underwear. Yes, it's the drawer that Mat Deer put the gourd in.

Come the weekend, I will be moved out/in. A day of rest is in my future.
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