Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Okay, slowly going through all the stuff that is left in my apartment.

There is still a lot left.


I have different spaces marked out in the living room -
  1. Storage

  2. Dump

  3. Recycle

  4. Goodwill

  5. Friends of the Library

  6. Joey

  7. Foxy

  8. Gayle

  9. New Apt

Joyce and Wes stopped by this morning to help me get the butcher block microwave cabinet out. 5 minutes after it was out the door, my neighbor calls up and asks "Are you getting rid of the cabinet?" I told him "go for it!" Now all that's left outside is the dang Nordic track skier thingy. It will go with the dumpster tomorrow.

Speaking of the dumpster - Joycie took a look and said we could get more in once it was squashed. So she got in and stomped all over the stuff. It now looks about half filled. Go Joyce!

The three of us took a load over to the apartment - mostly pictures and such - all the stuff that's been hanging on my walls. Plan is to sort and then move a load over. Hopefully this will keep it from feeling so overwhelming.
Tags: apt

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