Debbie (debmats) wrote,

T'was an interesting day.

I can heartily recommend Advantage Movers and Storage - they did a fantastic job!

There was a mix up between what G said and what the sales rep coded as the size of the job. The movers were expecting a half day or less job. (think 10 small boxes and 20 medium ones - that's what it said on the work order.) When asked, G had said that she had no idea how many boxes I'd have. Rep entered it as a normal two bedroom move - something that would take 4 1/2-5 hours to do. I guess that's why many companies will send out a rep to do an on-site estimate. Not taken into account were the facts that 1) I live in a 2nd storey flat with a narrow "L" shaped staircase and no elevator and 2) I had over 115 boxes of stuff to move. 75% of them books and 3) I was moving into another 2nd storey apt with no elevator.

The three movers - Rob, Alan & Hobar - were very good natured about the situation and got everything moved out and up into the new apt in under 6 hours. They had all the boxes out in under an hour and all the furniture - including the fragile stuff like a china cabinet and a curio cabinet and disassembling the bed and some shelves - done by lunch time.

It was truly impressive to see all the boxes stacked out at the bottom of the stairway at the new place. 5 boxes high... 23 rows... Oy. They had to park by the pool and lug everything across the courtyard too.

So, I'm partially moved in. Have to sleep on the floor tonight as my bed is at the new place and technically I can't sleep there until the 1st. K, G & I started moving furniture around and the "excitement" of a new place finally hit. Not feeling so melancholy about the whole move thing now.

The old apt is feeling very weird. There is FLOOR!!!

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