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I WANT THE FOG BACK!!! It's 92 degrees!!!
Move day? Forecast is for showers next Sunday. Go figure.

  1. Made it to the gym. 200th official workout. Go Me!

  2. Rented 2nd storage space - several pieces of furniture which may or may not include my loft bed will need to be stored temporarily. Current plan is to just get everything OUT of the apt and worry about it after WorldCon. There will not be enough space to set up my 10 foot bookshelf either

  3. Bought more boxes. Snagged the last glassware packing set - I seem to have accumulated a lot of wine glasses.

  4. Just realized that I've only eaten a two point bar for breakfast and that was many hours ago. Feeling a little shaky. Hello stupid! Not feeling hungry

  5. It may be time to transform bathtub into wading pool

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