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Opened up the cabinet and was attacked by a not all the way closed bottle of shoyu. Spilled mostly on the stack of papers to the right of my keyboard and on the keyboard. Splotches on the floor. Had to alert Building Maintenance... Good thing it was almost empty. *sigh*

Had fun at Faith's farewell party - haven't danced in a long time - I forget how much I enjoy it. Redwood City sponsors a free Friday night summer concert series in the City Hall plaza. Faith decided to have her party at the concert - people of all ages show up with picnic dinners, wine and beer - to enjoy the music, dance and have a good time with friends and family.

Busta-Groove is a great dance band which plays hits from 70's, 80's & 90's. We were all dancing and singing along to Play That Funky Music =)

Feet are a little sore - shoes hurt, so I was dancing barefoot... on concrete. It didn't help that I managed to stub my toe on the Les Mis poster three times once I got home.

Faith said she wanted to go out and have everybody up and dancing. So we all danced...

Got home to find the dumpster delivered. Now I just fill it. K was there packing up the back bookshelf. Go K! I started in on the hallway bookshelf - need to find bigger boxes for the photo albums.
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