Debbie (debmats) wrote,


  1. Movers hired. Saturday is all booked, so they're coming on Sunday, July 30th.

  2. Vacation days for July 26th, 31st and August 1st have been approved

  3. Mail forwarding form submitted

  4. Packing back bedroom

  5. Packing kitchen

  6. There are patches of clear floor space in the living room

  7. Foxy will be by on Sunday to help disassemble the loft bed

  8. Dropped off another box of books for Friends of the Library

  9. Took Kyle to the new Robeks' Juice place - he had a melt down this morning and was very, very sad

  10. Dumpster is being delivered today. I'll have it until next Friday

  11. Big snuggle hug from Alani this morning

  12. Need to scrounge up wine boxes

  13. Faith's farewell party is tonight

Tags: apt, family, friends

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