Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The apartment saga continues

FYI... I signed the lease on the apartment on Wednesday. Walk through and collection of keys is set for 11am on Friday, July 28th. This week, I hope to have hired the movers to move my stuff on Saturday, July 29th. I can't technically "move in" until August 1st.

I will be packing like crazy between now and then. All the books that have been living in piles all over the apartment have been packed. The living room bookshelves have all been packed except for the knickknacks. Books, dvds, videos, cds - all packed. Much thanks go to my sisters =)

Next up - back bedroom shelves and cook books/photo albums shelf in the hallway.

Dropped off two boxes of books at the Friends of the Library donation drop off.

Kyle and Alani are looking forward to going swimming at Auntie Debbie's.
Tags: apt

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