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Where's my FOG????

It's 10:23 pm and the current temperature in Alameda is supposedly 67 degrees. Heat rises and all that - and there's no breeze, so my apartment is HOT.

One of these days I'm going to buy one of those hammock thingys and go sleep out on the back porch. It's so much cooler out there.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to hit 81 in Alameda. I'm meeting herefox for dinner since I missed our usual Tuesday night dinner because of Alani's preschool graduation.

Mountain View is supposed to hit 86 tomorrow... wonder if he'd be interested in going to the movies instead? AC and all???

The high for Mariposa on Saturday is supposed to be 105. The things I do for my kids. Deja vu and all - Paul's parents' wedding day was 91 degrees and the church was small, packed and had no air conditioning. Bridesmaid dresses had long sleeves. One of Dave's aunts commented on how touched she was to see that Sony's maid of honor crying during the ceremony. I wasn't crying - I was sweating like a pig. Lots of dabs with the kleenix. It was a long ceremony. Bridesmaids and groomsmen all had to do something - sing, read a poem, play a flute (UGH!!!), etc.

Oh yeah, Mom got walked down the aisle as the "3rd Mom". She hated to be the center of attention. Somebody asked who she was and Dad Burns said "Oh my other wife"... *g*



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Jun. 22nd, 2006 03:18 pm (UTC)
Given that I took out meat monday night to defrost for dinner and then found out you couldn't make it, no movie :-) I'd have to throw it out if it sat in the refrigerator a day or two more. I will, however, be turning on the AC as soon as I get home in a possibly fruitless attempt to make the apt liveable, especially since I believe Clint is going to be home again today (I have NO guilt what so ever any more using the thing now that it seems that nothing I can do will lower the power bill from ridiculous amounts)
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