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Hair, Hairspray and other stuff

Friday - met up with Joyce and Wesley and we had lunch at the new Mexican restaurant Otaez. Food was good. We were sitting near the bar area - big screen tv with the soccer game on - lots of fervent fans...

Went to Walgreens - picked up a new hair color. I'm getting tired of being mistaken for somebody's "Mother". Got L'Oreal's Excellence Cream in Natural Black. I'm pretty much back to my natural hair color except there are NO GRAYS!!!! I'm sure glad Joyce knows what she's doing. She came at me with the scissors again, so all my split ends and icky stuff has been cut away. It's a good thing, but there sure is a lot of hair on the floor when she's done!

At 4:30, Joyce, Wes & I headed out to Fremont - had to get around the blocked street and lousy traffic around Joyce's house - Alameda High's graduation ceremony was happening at 6pm across the street at Thompson Field (football field for high school).

Picked up Laura at work and then we drove to American Musical Theatre of San Jose. Met up with Ron - he works somewhere in San Jose. He and Joyce went out for evening of fun and the kids and I had dinner at an Italian fast food place - they enjoyed their pizza and my pesto tortellini was tasty. One of these days, they'll let me take them to a "nice" restaurant.

Since we had time, we walked over to the Discovery Park and investigated the giant Monopoly game. We walked along the riverwalk for a bit too.

Show time! The kids enjoyed Hairspray. I had fun spending time with my godchildren =)

The people next to me were sort of obnoxious. It looked like a mother with two grown daughters. One daughter was fiddling with her cellphone? pda? gameboy? during the show and didn't stop even after the usher came by. The other daughter who was sitting next me, had a tendency to squirm a bit and kept bumping into me. Elbow, elbow, elbow. *sigh*

I think there will be both Sweet Charity and Camelot in my future...

Saturday, I did the gym thing. K & I went shopping, yet again. This time to downtown Walnut Creek. Crate & Barrel, Aaron Brothers, Restoration Hardware, The Container Store, Pottery Barn, Barnes & Noble, Nordstroms and a couple of kids clothes' shops. Main reason we were out there was to find something for Alani's preschool graduation. We were looking for a foo fee dress. Didn't find anything. Poo.

While we were walking from Restoration Hardware, we heard this horrible thud and we turned around to watch a poor guy fly through the air and end up rolling in the street. He got up right away and he said he was alright, but you could tell he wasn't tracking. Definitely in shock. I don't know if he dashed out into the street or if cars in one lane stopped to allow him to cross & the car in the other lane didn't see him. Piece of bumper broke off the car, so he got hit pretty good. One lady took charge - she'd seen the whole thing. Had him sit down, designated somebody to call 911 and got him to tell her who his next of kin was and she called them. Hope he's okay. His elbow was bleeding but other than that, there were no obvious injuries. Cops, paramedics and ambulance arrived shortly thereafter.

K & I ended up having dinner at Tin's Teahouse. Ordered too much food, as usual. Leftovers... Yay! Beef chow fun, shiitake mushrooms stuffed with shrimp and served with pea sprouts (yum!), grilled oysters with scallions and ginger, roast duck, and guylan.

Came home to find G at my place. She ended up eating some of the leftovers while she & K watched Airforce One. S had the kids at the house and she wasn't ready to go home yet, so they stayed until almost 11:30.
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