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I'm up to 60 hours in Xenosaga. Can you spell "Insane"? Yup.

I'm planning on going to BaltiCon Memorial Day weekend. I think I've got Mat deer talked into going too =) Now I just have to find a decent air fare. Planning on helping out in the Liaden Lounge. Go Clan FoL!

Besides playing that DRAT game this past weekend, I did get my snuggle time in with Kyle & Alani on Saturday. Afterwards, Karen & I went off to Stoneridge for a shopping spree. Unfortunately, didn't find a whole lot of stuff to buy. Did order a pair of sandals - will probably order multiple colors because they fit. When one wears 6WW and finds shoes that fit, one buys multiple pairs.

Sunday, had dim sum with Joey. Yum. I have my favorites and Joey has his, so the table top was awfully full... (ended up doing the doggie bag thang) Chatted a lot - you know when the waiters are hanging around your table like vultures, it's a slight hint that they want you to hurry up and leave *g*

Spent rest of Sunday working on my presentation for Monday morning. It was supposed to have been a programmer demo and meeting with the office of education, but some end users found out about it and wanted to come. Had to revise demo so it wasn't so technical. End users do not want to hear about file layouts and subroutines. Demo'd our electronic personnel action forms, workers comp and budget systems. It went well, I think. Go Me!

Monday night, had a lovely, relaxing evening at Water Course Way followed by a corned beef dinner at the diner. Hot tub + steam room + cold plunge - I want a room like that. Foxy likes Bats best, but I like Dragonflies better.

Tuesday, got a triumphant phone call from Kyle... his little sister Alani is finally walking!!! Go Alani! Watch out world =)
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