Debbie (debmats) wrote,

June so far (well with a bit of May)

Lots of stuff going on - still haven't done my work post - maybe one of these days.

I did see X Men 3 again with herefox on Tuesday, May 30th cuz I promised I'd see it with him. At least stuff made more sense, though the bridge scene still makes me nuts.

Had another get together to send Faith off - even though her last day was the 31st, she had too many things that needed to be finished (like meeting with me to hand over some projects - ditto with Laure who was back from her two week vacation - big surprises ya know) - so she worked half day on Thursday, June 1st. Met with about a dozen people over at the Savvy Cellars - wine bar - and we tried different wines (enjoyed a very nice pinot noir) and yakked for a couple of hours.

Soccer game on Saturday, then K & I went shopping. Over 2 hours in Target!!!! Hit the Farmers Market on Sunday and then K & I did more shopping...

Monday was first software developers meeting without Faith. Laure uninvited Tony.

Tuesday, herefox made me watch Sister Act. I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, saw Dr. Fiscella for 3 month diabetes follow up. She was happy with my progress. Go Me!

Thursday, I needed alcohol, so Foxy & I went out for dinner at Don Giovanni's. Spent much time in the bookstores.

Friday, trektone and I got together for dinner at Cafe Rouge in Berkeley. Lots of yakking as usual. Food was good too. Description can be found in Joey's journal.

Saturday - Kyle's last soccer game of the season. He's come a long way =). Afterwards, K, G & I spent the entire afternoon shopping at Stoneridge - more sisterly bonding. Dropped G off so she could go play with her friend Joanne, and then K & I went to Bay Street, had dinner at Pasta Pomodoro and then we saw Over the Hedge. Cute, but silly movie. Pretty sure Kyle loved it when he saw it.

Sunday, had a me day. Did the hermit thing until 5pm - then I went over to K & G to watch the kids while they went to Lou Vaca's rosary/vigil. He'd been ill for several years with cancer.

Monday, I opened up the Yreka church newsletter to read that "nephew" Paul was engaged and would be marrying his girlfriend of two years "this summer".

Tuesday, Foxy & I did the usual dinner and ended up watching several episodes of Charmed - Season III.

Thursday morning, I got an email wedding invitation asking me to come to Paul & Valerie's wedding on the 24th. *THUD*

Laure also came up to me show me how well she was handling stress... NOT. She was covered in blotchy hives. Oh dear.

Thursday evening, I went to my first RCMEA (Redwood City Management Employees Association) Summer Party - lots of chatting with coworkers. Got a chance to talk to several people who were counting the days until their retirement (most are retiring the 3rd week in July due to the new retirement plan which goes into effect on July 10th) and also to Faith on her new job. Really nice spread - the seafood "trough" was wonderful - crab, shrimp, clams, mussels and lobster!!! Salmon mousse was almost too pretty to eat. Most of the departments heads and city council members showed up in support too.

I won a Starbucks gift card in the raffle.

Tags: family, friends, work

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