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Farewell Faith !

It's been a weird week. Today was Faith's last "official day in the office". Staff took her out to lunch at Pasta Pomodoro's. Very low key for a number of reasons.

The original idea was to give her an engraved travel coffee mug and lots of starbucks gift cards. Ended up bailing on the engraved mug because the only engraveable mugs were less than the size of her standard drink - 16 oz grande non-fat latte. That would not do at all.

Life is always better if Faith has at least one latte in the morning...

Joe and I put together one of those decorate it yourself mugs - Starbucks calls it a "Memory Mug" or "Remembrance Mug". The bottom of the mug unscrews so you can insert your own design. I found a template online (have to go back and thank the guy who designed it!!!). I showed him my sad attempts via PrintShop and he says "It would be much easier in Photoshop..." and voila! 10+ years of photos now decorate the mug. Faith absolutely loved it. Go Us! Thank Goodness Joe is a Photoshop guru.

Life at work is going to be weird - we've worked together for over 10 years. She has been my mentor, shoulder to cry on, kick in the rear when I've needed it, and just great friend.

It's not like I won't ever see her again - it's just not going to be the same.
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